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  • Fall 2020 Devaki Abhyankar (Ravi Ranjan) - Importance of Scar Pattern in Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Based on Patient-Specific Simulations and Confirmed by Clinical Outcome Yousef Alamri (Skyler Jennings) - Computational modeling of the neural representation of temporal envelopes in the peripheral auditory system. Alayna Arnholt (Scott Langenecker) - An Analysis on the Influence of Anxiety…
To optimize the design of the ErQ-coated slot waveguide in terms of optical confinement factor for input wavelength set at 1550 nm, the Wave Optics Module of COMSOL Multiphysics ® 5.4 was used. The design parameters of the slot waveguide shown in Figure 1, i.e. silicon rail width and slot width, were optimized, whereas the rail thickness is ...

A planar dielectric slab waveguide demonstrates the principles behind any kind of dielectric waveguide such as a ridge waveguide or a step-index fiber. This model solves for the effective index and fields of a dielectric slab waveguide and compares the solution to analytic results.

Aug 14, 2017 · The specific merit of the proposed IPM model is to consider the d-axis pole area and the tangential length of rotor ribs. Finite element analysis is performed for performance analysis of proposed models. The no-load flux linkage wave shows improved shape, which results in increase value of back-EMF. Additionally, reluctance torque is also ...
  • COMSOL Multiphysics 在声学领域应用案例集.pdf,中仿科技公司 CnTech Co.,Ltd 算例: 1. 声学器件 2D 轴对称喇叭单元电磁-声- 固耦合分析 这是一个动态电磁式圆锥形扬声器模型,通常用于中低频段声音重放,电磁场模块的小信号分析计算静电力和静态的 音圈阻抗,声固耦合应用模式分析喇叭振膜的振动以及 ...
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  • <p>Thermally tunable planar Bragg gratings in silicon-on-insulator (SOl) rib waveguides with external and integrated heaters were simulated, fabricated, and measured. Planar Bragg gratings were fabricated using selective silicon self-implantation at a dose of 2 x 10^15 ions/cm^2 to amorphize and increase the refractive index by 0.3 due to the induced damage.

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    considered, where the structures are excited by the fundamental mode of a wide, shallow rib wave-guide. High transmittance levels can be observed also for these 3-D configurations depending on the width of the rib. Keywords: Silicon photonics, integrated optics, slab waveguide discontinuities, bent waveguide cor-ners, numerical modeling 1 ...

    I am going to find the band structure of a 1D photonic crystal waveguide by COMSOL. There is an example in application library for 2D photonic crystal with a 2D geometry.

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    A planar dielectric slab waveguide demonstrates the principles behind any kind of dielectric waveguide such as a ridge waveguide or a step-index fiber. This model solves for the effective index and fields of a dielectric slab waveguide and compares the solution to analytic results.

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    (ii) CWDM4 Array Waveguide Gratings (AWGs) Demultiplexers (1271nm, 1291nm, 1311nm, 1331nm) with Single Mode and Multimode Output Waveguides on Silicon Oxynitride, Efficient Spot Size Converters ...

    Oct 22, 2020 · The waveguides prepared for this work were standard rib waveguides with a core width of 450 nm, a core height of 220 nm, a 70 nm rib height, and a rail height of 220 nm. For the manufacturing, standard SOI processing, including photolithograpy and inductively coupled plasma etching, was used. Doped waveguides were prepared via ion implantation.

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    The Coplanar Waveguide (CPW) is commonly used in microwave circuits. COMSOL Multiphysics, with the RF Module, makes it easy to compute the impedance, fields, losses, and other operating parameters needed when designing a CPW. Grounded Coplanar Waveguide Design in 2D Two typical Coplanar Waveguides are diagrammed in cross section below.

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    Electrical breakdown or dielectric breakdown is a process that occurs when an electrical insulating material, subjected to a high enough voltage, suddenly becomes an electrical conductor and electric current flows through it.

    F. De Leonardis, V.M.N. Passaro, “Optimal Design of SOI Submicron Waveguides for FWM Wavelength Conversion in Pulsed Regime”, XIII Nat. Conf. of Photonic Technologies (FOTONICA 2011), Genova, 9-11 May 2011.

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    特別シンポジウム / Special Symposium 特別シンポジウム / Special Symposium 「超スマート社会へ向けた応用物理」~第 5 期科学技術基本計画への期待と課題~ / Applied Physics for Smart Society 5.0 ~ Expectations and Challenges in the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan ~ 9/13(Tue.) 13:00 - 17:45 口頭講演 (Oral Presentation) C41 会場 13 ...

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    This paper provides a generic way to fabricate a high-index contrast tapered waveguide platform based on dielectric crystal bonded on glass for sensing applications. As a specific example, KLu(WO4)2 crystal on a glass platform is made by means of a three-technique combination. The methodology used is on-chip bonding, taper cutting with an ultra-precise dicing saw machine and inductively ...

    Buckling may occur even though the stresses that develop in the structure are well below those needed to cause failure in the material of which the structure is composed. . Further loading may cause significant and somewhat unpredictable deformations, possibly leading to complete loss of the member's load-carrying capac

I want to simulate this rib waveguide,but when i want to solve the problem the wave scattered every where of the waveguide that it is wrong.It should amplify the center of the waveguide. ... If you still need help with COMSOL and have an on-subscription license, please visit our Support Center for help.
Denali fault slip rates and Holocene-late Pleistocene kinematics of central Alaska. USGS Publications Warehouse. Matmon, A.; Schwartz, D.P.; Haeussler, Peter J ...
For example, if I have excited a TE4,3 mode at a waveguide port, I want to know the mode pattern at a distance from the waveguide, in the free space . Pls suggest Relevant answer
Two-Dimensional Coupling-of-modes Analysis in Surface Acoustic Wave Device Performed by COMSOL Multiphysics 日本電波工業株式会社 第7技術部 第2課 徳田 治 様 JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, Special Issue: Ultarasonic Electronics, JULY 2011 Vol.50 No.7: レベルセット法による導体形状最適設計の検討