Lumbee base rolls

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Each and every Lumbee can trace his or her ancestry to the Tribes base roll, which is comprised of school and church records and early 20th-century census data. This common ancestry has bound the tribe for generations and established the Lumbee as a longstanding, distinct community in southeastern North Carolina.

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  • Typically, the tribe has copies of the base rolls from which the membership of the tribe is drawn. These rolls usually include the person's name (English and Indian, if known), their age, where they were from, and their blood quantum. If you suspect that your blood quantum is incorrect, the tribal enrollment office should be your first stop.
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    The tribe reached out to known members and those members who submitted requested documentation and were approved for membership should now have new cards that include issue/expiration dates and an enrollment number. If you did not receive one, it is likely that you are not on our roll or we did not have a good address.

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    Due to war and smallpox, the tribe was decimated. Some of the remnants formed the mixed race Lumbee tribe. In 1768, the Cheraw were said to number no more than 50 or 60 individuals. Today, the Sumpter Band of South Carolina identify themselves as Cheraw. Mentioned in Ethnographies: 1.

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    May 31, 2017 · During the same year, a racist shock jock in NC mocked and insulted Native Americans in a nortorious skit raining hatred at a then-intern's upcoming wedding with her Lumbee fiance. The Lumbees have long fought against white supremacy and repression in that state. That skit was the last straw. Link: Lumbee Indians Fought The Klan

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    First Posted: 1/15/2009 these Lumbee have no claim to being a real tribe and are so corrupt and will grasp at any fractional indian ancestry claim continually changing their story over the years ...

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    Apr 01, 2018 · The three Cherokke tribes all have base rolls and citizenship rolls, all created in the 20th century. When the base rolls were created people had to prove back to only the 1835 or one of the 1850-ish Cherokee censuses. People who are now trying to claim Cherokee descent are almost always people who are not eligible for citizenship.

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For certain years - including 1935, 1936, 1938, and 1939 - only supplemental rolls of additions and deletions were compiled. There is not a census for every reservation or group of Indians for every year. Only persons who maintained a formal affiliation with a tribe under federal supervision are listed on these census rolls.
Duties: Service all 10 schools, coordinate cultural activities with NASA clubs, 506 certifications, and liaison between Scotland County Schools and the Lumbee Tribe. Paid 100% Salary and benefits $54,100 Base
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