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  • When BMW announced the new BMW Motorrad Navigator V (NAV5) back in September, 2013, it was not unexpected but for many the shape was.Garmin had previously based the OEM units on either an already released zumo™ brand unit or Garmin followed shortly afterward with a Garmin zumo™ unit.
Stop-start driving can cause the DPF to get blocked. To clear it, drive around for 10 minutes at over 40mph. Check your owner's manual for more specific advice. The problem. The DPF traps tiny soot particles which are harmful to health, and converts them to harmless ash when the exhaust system gets hot. But this doesn't happen on short journeys.

The TPMS is located behind the passenger glove compartment. You dont have to remove the glove compartment. There is a black panel that easily comes off below the glove compartment. (Directly above the floor mat). Two clips hold it in place. Just press and pull, no tools necessary. Remove the panel and you will see the TPMS device directly above it:

The purpose of the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) on BMW is to alert you when tire pressure is too low and could to create unsafe driving conditions.If the light is illuminated, it means your tires could be underinflated, which can lead to undue tire wear and possible tire failure.
  • BMWMOCM, BMW MOA Charter Club #49 was established in 1971 to provide an opportunity for BMW riders and enthusiasts to ride together. It provided an "excuse" to gather, exchange ideas and share experiences. The common interest is BMW motorcycles, and the club has grown to about 160 members.
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    5.Resetting tyre pressure: "Perform reset" . 6.Drive off. The wheels are shown grey and the status appears on the display. After driving for a short time over 30 km/h, 19 mph the set tyre inflation pressures are accepted as target values. The reset is run automatically while the vehicle is in motion. The progress of the reset is shown.

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    MaxiSys Porsche V6.00 2016-12-24 1.Optimized all basic functions (including System Entry, Read ECU Information, Read & Erase Codes, Live Data, Active Test) and special function Reset Service Interval for 997, Boxster987 and Cayman987 models.

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    Start the reset procedure using "Reset TPM" Begin to drive. On the screen, the tires will be shown in gray and "resetting TPM" wil be displayed. After 10-15 minutes of driving, the current tire pressures are accepted as the baseline pressures. Once the warning lamp goes out, the system reset is complete.

    g11: hybrid and stop&start systems operating; g12a: operating and diagnosis on vehicles with cng system; g12b: operating and diagnosis on vehicles with lpg system; g13c: euro 6 and the latest emission control technologies; g14c: diagnosis and maintenance of the adblue® systems of bmw, audi and mercedes; g15: automated transmission system diagnosis

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    Most TPMS are calibrated to a vehicle’s cold tire pressure. Volvo realized that its TPMS algorithm starting in model year 2014 was not accounting for these temperature induced tire pressure fluctuations, so it issued a TSB recently on the topic and called for a reflash to correct this. Cold Tire Calculations

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    This is the most common fault with BMW's. When pulling away in first gear, you'll feel the car judder as the clutch is at biting point. BMW have released a software fix, however many people have reported that this doesn't fix the problem. There is a DIY clutch judder fix, but the life of the clutch is affected.

    Nov 07, 2018 · Hello everyone. On my third BMW and my first BMW with Tire Pressure Monitoring. I have an '08 KGT, putting the bike at 4 years old and in line for a replacement of the TPM sensors due to dead batteries. I have the yellow "!" and the rear tire pressure shows intermittently. Question 1: The only fix is sensor replacement, correct?

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    Dec 20, 2016 · TPMS parts related problems; Problem description 1: A 2005 or older vehicle model has an illuminated TPMS light. Solution: Probably it’s the tire pressure control modules that are worn out due to a too long service. Please use an Autel tool to detect TPMS trouble codes and confirm failure causes.

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    Jan 03, 2017 · The downside of this is loss of fuel economy, and the engine to run rich for a longer period of time which can result in more unnecessary wear. Most modern electronic thermostats (such as the ones found on late model BMW’s) are designed to fail in the stuck-open position these days to avoid ruining the engine by overheating.

The TPMS sensors are new BMW/VDO sensors i just bought & I have installed on new wheels & tires but have not been mounted to the car yet. Didnt know if the car would recognize them when i mount them to car & do a RESET from idrive.
If the vehicle is equipped with a separate TPMS malfunction telltale, the tire pressure monitoring system also must perform a check of lamp function as specified in paragraph S4.4(b)(4) of this standard. (c) If applicable, set or reset the tire pressure monitoring system in accordance with the instructions in the vehicle owner's manual.
Apr 30, 2017 · I had the truck in to finally get the correct mirrors installed and asked the service guy if it was possible to reset the TPMS alert level lower in case I want to run with lower pressures. He took that as an order I guess and when I picked the truck up all for tires were at 48-51psi (no two tires had the same pressure).
The spray-in tire sealant provides inconsistent results, is used only once, and requires replacement of the tire and TPMS sensor. This adds unnecessary costs for you! The new Stop & Go – Tire Mobility Kit combines a reliable air compressor with the award-winning Pocket Tire Plugger. This tubeless tire repair kit system gives you all the ...